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StoneWorks' one of a kind guitar picks

Maker: StoneWorks Picks

Location: Dallas City, Illinois

Wares: Custom stone guitar picks

The perfect pick can be the final detail and icing on the cake to a musical outfit. And to owner/maker Mike Stone (a fitting last name), each pick he produces is a one of a kind piece of artwork. Though Stone counts his two passions as playing music and studying geology, he was first inspired to create picks by a friend and fellow musician named Rusty who had lost his fingertip in a farm accident.

Stone says Rusty was having a hard time holding a standard pick, and asked if Stone would carve a thicker pick for him. "[He] loved his pick so much that I ended up making 300 more and they sold out quickly at a couple local Rock and Mineral show." 

Made from materials like Brazilian Agate, Ocean Jasper and dozens in between, StoneWorks' 100 percent natural stone picks are made to be carried forever — never discarded. By following the signs and his personal interests, Stone has carved out for himself a permenant place in the music industry.