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My name is Kristos "Keko" Magrini. I have two siblings, Pura and Santino I am the middle one, I was born in Augusta, Georgia in 2005 since my father was working there. Since I was born, I've traveled with my family everywhere and since I was a child, I enjoyed going to the stables with my father. I really love horses and fishing. I started fishing and riding at a very young age, I went with the rods and the mallets everywhere. I first got on a horse when I was around four and since then they have been my two hobbies. I played my first polo tournament when I was 6 years old, replacing another boy and lost the final. I'm still going to school in Rio Cuarto where I live when I’m in Argentina, since I have memory I live between Rio Cuarto, Buenos Aires and USA. I have played in a few important tournaments along my short career such as the US Open, the Gold Cup, C.V. Whitney, Joe Barry, Silver Cup, and many others.