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Introducing: The Heirloom Collection

Fresh from the factory floor, Lucchese introduces The Heirloom Collectiona new line of antiqued yet modern Western boots.

These boots boast a vintage look courtesy of the Heirloom finish, the latest entry in Lucchese’s arsenal of unrivaled treatments. This antiquing finish creates an intentional marbled appearance of diverse markings, high and low tones and a rough-and-tumble, worn-in style that’s anything but uniform. In fact, the Heirloom finish is created entirely by hand—each boot is unique.

During the Heirloom development, our designers found inspiration from pioneers who traveled great distances with family heirlooms and keepsakes. Initially pristine, these prized possessions became distressed along the way and deepened in value and authenticity having survived the journey.

To embody that inspiration, our artisans employ a multi-step, handmade process to achieve the Heirloom styles. This new collection demonstrates Lucchese’s mastery for crafting incredible handmade boots with truly original finishes.

The Heirloom Collection offers styles for both men and women featuring bison, calf and goat.