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Lucchese clinches win in Joe Barry Memorial Cup

This January, Lucchese is busily fighting toward the leading position of the 2015 Joe Barry Memorial Cup in Palm Beach, Florida.

As reported by PoloZone, Lucchese (John Muse, Andres Weisz, Magoo Laprida and Nico Pieres) and CT Energia (Alessandro Bazzoni, Kris Kampsen, Joao Paulo Ganon and Nick Manifold) battled to a 6-6 halftime tie before Lucchese edged their way into the lead and a 13-11 win as competition continued in the 2015 Joe Barry Memorial Cup at the International Polo Club Saturday morning.

Lucchese remained in attack mode, consistently regrouping between chukkers to keep the lead alive. Despite CT Energia pulling ahead at various moments throughout the game, Lucchese's Pieres was credited with a game high seven goals, clinching the win for his team. 

For a detailed rundown of the entire match, read the report from the sidelines on PoloZone.com.

Next, Lucchese takes on Audi at 12pm, January 14.