Mtn Honey's Sweet Labor of Love

Maker: Mtn Honey

Location: Clarkesville, Georgia

Wares: Artisanal honey

They say they produce the Best Honey in the World, and they have the medals to prove it: two, in fact, from the World Honey Show (not to mention three years as Gold medalists). For Carl and Virginia Webb, beekeeping and honey-making is their lives' work; Virginia is a third generation beekeeper while Carl's skills were honed as a hobbyist. 

Today, the Webbs tend to more than 400 colonies of bees and "champion the role of the honeybee in helping to sustain global agriculture and have helped to promote its diversified productivity, from nutritional products to health and beauty aids." Mtn Honey produces three types of honey, the most popular of which is the Sourwood, described as extra-light to light amber color and extremely aromatic.

Food & Wine agrees with the Webb's fanatic fans, voting the Sourwood among the "Best American Artisanal Honeys." It turns out, a labor of love truly is a sweet thing.