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Your golf game? It's in the bag

Maker: Steurer & Jacoby

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Wares: Golf bags, clubs, accessories

They say it's all in the hips, but it's also in the bag. 

If mass-produced golf gear ruins your game, consider the handcrafted club carriers and accessories of Steurer & Jacoby. Made from fine full-grain leather and vintage canvas, the collapsible pencil style carrier is, in particular, a sleek knock-out. However, all designs executed by the Louisville-based artisans are original and intentionally intriguing. 

Also notable is Steurer & Jacoby's special relationship with the Hickory Golf Association (HGA). HGA boasts a roster of golfers dedicated to the game as it was played before the year 1935 — with hickory shafted clubs. If you're a purist and/or traditionalist, look no further than these equipment experts who have made a name for themselves in a town that's become known as "sports city."