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Filson's expert-built fly fishing vest

Maker: Filson

Location: Seattle, Washington

Wares: Durable apparel and accessories 

Filson calls their company story one that was “born out of stubbornness.” Never ones to take the easy route, Filson first consults wilderness experts in their natural elements, and then culls that information to develop and produce on-point gear in the Filson Seattle factory. 

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Filson took straight to the river to discuss fly fishing gear with professionals before producing what they hoped would become the premier American-made fly fishing vest — the Fly Fishing Guide Vest

After discussing fly fishermen’s needs in the field, Filson confidently created what they call “the ultimate.” Made from 6-ounce 100 percent cotton dry finish Cover Cloth with moleskin, sheepskin and brass accents, every single detail of the Fly Fishing Guide Vest underwent deep consideration. 

Now, just don't judge any fly-fishermen by their vests... they may not be as good as Filson makes them look.