Half United's fashion that feeds

Maker: Half United

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Wares: Accessories

Inspired by the one-for-one model popularized by retailers like TOMS (for every one item a consumer buys, the company donates another), Carmin and Christian Black founded Half United to help fight the global hunger epidemic. 

Based in North Carolina, the siblings and their team hand-make necklaces, among other accessories, from recycled bullet casings. “We wanted to create a simple yet bold item for our customers to wear which would display their fight against hunger, and remind them of the child’s life they’ve changed,” says Christian.

To stay ever true to their mission, the materials used in Half United accessories are sourced locally. “We recognize that economic development has a large effect on the global hunger epidemic so we strive to empower business owners and craftspeople to continue with their trade and success.”

By donating half of all of their proceeds directly towards hunger-fighting initiatives, Half United enables its partnering organizations to use their money for other resources, like textbooks and tools. To date, Half United has provided more than 113,276 nutritious meals to children.