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Lilith Rockett's ceramic centerpieces

Maker: Lilith Rockett

Location: Portland, Oregon

Wares: Ceramics: Tableware, coffee and tea sets, decor

Lilith Rockett is a potter who creates sleek, minimal pieces under an eponymous line. Working mostly with porcelain, Rockett forms her pieces with the intention of initiating conversation, be it around a coffee or dinner table. 

Never heavy handed while behind the potter's wheel, Rockett explains that "the simple shapes are intended to evoke rather than impose." She leaves the material unglazed and polished so the natural nuances of the material can be seen within her clean design.

To keep an intimate spirit alive in her work Rockett maintains a small operation out of her Pacific Northwest studio, though she's often invited to show her work at art events throughout the country. Though it can look too delicate to touch, Rockett's work is functional, strong and braced for a the grip of a powerful hand.