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Polo ponies: The stars of the field

To watch polo a match is to witness the enchanting relationship between human and horse. However, it must be noted that polo ponies are bonafide sports stars in their own right. Though the athletic prowess of the professional players who ride them is also unrivaled, the horses of the sport command spectators’ attention — match after match.

Owing to their fearlessness, dexterity and sheer majesty, certain horses gain legions of fans around the word. They travel the globe for tournaments with teams of dedicated grooms in tow. Each place they compete, the horses are trained, groomed and carefully cared for to maintain top athletic condition.

During the 2014 Santa Barbara polo season, several horses of John Muse — patron of and player on the Lucchese polo team — were photographed at dusk the day before the Lucchese Silver Cup final game. The Lucchese polo team went on to win the Silver cup, making these equine portraits all the more significant. 

See the stars of the field, below.