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Redraven's handmade porcelain keepsakes

Maker: Redraven Studios

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Wares: Porcelain slip casted found objects

There are many ways to wish someone good luck, the most timeless of which may be the horseshoe.

Redraven Studios elevates the traditional symbol with a porcelain slip cast from a handmade mold of a found horseshoe. The shabby-chic aesthetic has attracted attention from the likes of Martha Stewart, who features the studio's work in the Martha Stewart American Made Collection.

Redraven is committed to keeping a whimsical bent and exclusively creates handmade keepsakes in delicate porcelain. "The trademark of our designs is the connection to memory,” founder Amy Hamley states.

The studio’s offerings include “found objects that remind us of our childhood, mementos of our ancestors and symbols of our hardworking families.” Aside from horseshoes, Redraven’s home decor items include porcelain arrows, feathers and shark teeth.