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SOBU'S modern rocker

Maker: SOBU

Location: East Bay, California

Wares: Reclaimed wood furniture

The husband and wife duo behind SOBU builds exclusive, limited pieces of furniture by hand out of the Bay Area's Old Oakland neighborhood. The two come from wildly different places (he, Alessandro, from Rome and she, Laleh, from Tehran) but formed their similarly minimal and responsible design aesthetic as adults in the United States. 

This rockermade from reclaimed teak and a powder coated steel base, provides the perfect amount of comfort for the "modern bohemian's" home. SOBU states it only uses plantation grown, reclaimed and FSC certified lumber in their designs, as well as a strict adherence to water-based sealers and traditional wax finishes.

Alessandro and Laleh hold strongly onto their mission of sustainability and say, "As passengers, we share the responsibility of enjoying our time here, as well as passing along our respect for each other and our precious earth to future generations."