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The Frontiersman's Classic Tin Cup

Maker: Jacob Bromwell

Location: Michigan City, Indiana

Wares: Housewares

Indeed, there is such a thing as a “historically correct tin cup.”

Jacob Bromwell Classic Tin Cups date back to the Civil War, during which they were standard issue and used by soldiers on both sides. 

The company is the only manufacturer in the United States to produce tin cups in small batches, using the same machinery and equipment employed since 1819. The cups are handcrafted through a process of 20 manual operations and are guaranteed not to leak. No welding, soldering or rivets are used in their construction.

It’s a small but authentic piece of Americana that anyone can own, and Jacob Bromwell recommends that the cups be used to preserve and appreciate simple moments in today's busy society, “much like the cowboy tending his herd or the explorer drinking from an unspoiled stream."

Should you want to up the ante, the tin cup is also available in 24k gold plating — a shining piece of nostalgia which will set you back $499.